20 Years Of Experince

Hostel/ Boarding Facilities

Our Motto- “Proud to Serve the Nation”!

Feel at home: -
At NEIDA, We provide an opportunity to make a lot of new friends and we ensure that each individual is treated with respect and adapted to the new environment in a quick time. The hostel facility is covered with lots of greenbelt which provides a fresh air and peaceful place to stay and learn with others. It’s our responsibility to ensure that student never thinks he misses home.
We do a special program called ‘Buddy Programme’ where a new student is introduced to a dedicated buddy who will support throughout the initial days of college until he settles slowly and comfortably.

Infrastructure: -
We have three separate hostel buildings named (Green Villa, Happy Buddha, Mountain sunset) with individual rooms where only 4 students can stay in a room to provide the maximum comfort to the student.
The floor warden looks after the personal, physical, emotional needs and welfare of the students. Sick students are taken care by the floor wardens and are allowed to stay in sick room if required on the advice of college doctor.